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$1.7 Million

Hillarys Show Home

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$500,000 cash

Early bird prize
Ferrari or $600,000 cash
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Big News!

Tickets are now selling and the prizes are BIGGER and BETTER than ever!

That's right, the value of the Grand Prize has increased to an incredible $2.2 million. 

Our BIGGEST Grand Prize EVER!

The Grand Prize is a $1.7 million Hillarys Show Home, built and furnished by Webb & Brown-Neaves, PLUS $500,000 in CASH (that's half a million dollars)! 

What a life changer!

But there's more exciting news! The Early Bird Prize has also increased in value. The lucky winner will get to choose between a breathtaking Ferrari 488 supercar (valued at $620,000) or $600,000 in cold hard cash. 

Supercar or super cash - you win, you choose!

And, for the first time, there are 15 Bonus Prizes of $10,000 cash. It could be you!

There are over 8,300 prizes including prestige vehicles, overseas holidays, Bang & Olufsen sound systems, home electronics and much more.

Tickets are on sale NOW. They won't last, so get your tickets today!

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Bonus Prizes
There are 15 Bonus Prizes of $10,000 cash.
Every day for 15 days there will be one lucky
winner of $10,000 cash.
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